Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Favorite Wee Care Gowns.....

I have no idea how many Wee Care gowns I have stitched and smocked over the years.  And I rarely follow smocking patterns when making them.  Generally I smock them like the one above.  I like the look of white floss on white fabric, which I think is timeless.  For the girls I add a simple bullion rosebud using two shades of pink and simple green leaves.  For the boys I make a classy blue bullion bow.  So sweet!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Still Blessed...

It's been a pretty busy year for our family.  But I am still here!  And I've been sewing quite a bit lately. As always, I find it therapeutic!!!  

A friend from church asked me to make custom outfits for two of her childhood dolls. I had so much fun with both.  For this doll the only request was to make a white dress.  So I made it a bit heirloom by giving it pintucks, hem tucks, entredeux, and lace.  The doll's cloth body is pretty wide so the dress looks a bit boxy - but it does fit the doll well. Now she has a new cotton batiste dress, bonnet, and bloomers.  She is adorable!

I have also been doing some 18" doll sewing, and some quilting.  Plus I have a few new techniques to share soon!!!

Monday, January 06, 2014

A Beautiful Bookmark.....

My Emily was very kind and generous in her gift giving this past Christmas.  Not to mention that she made all of the gifts that she gave.  She was a busy girl!

She made me two of these beautiful and delicate-looking hand crocheted bookmarks!  I love them!  I think I will put one in each of my two favorite Bibles.  She got the pattern from here, if anyone is interested in making a few for gifts this year.  They would make wonderful gifts for anyone on your gift list though out the year!!!

We are hibernating inside awaiting bitter cold weather the next few days.  Brrr!!!  I'm thinking about what projects I'm going to work on if the opportunity presents itself.  Probably my next quilt assuming we have power as I am still piecing it.  And if we are without power I am thinking I could work on my next hand embroidery project.  It's always good to have a few projects ready for any given situation. That's my philosophy anyway!

Keep Stitching and Stay Warm!!!!  xoxo!!!

Friday, January 03, 2014

Beautiful Kitchen Windows....Before and After......

Happy New Year Friends!!!!  I have taken quite a break from blogging while keeping busy with my family.  But I have had an itch lately to give a few updates and share a few projects while they are still fresh in my mind.  

First, I thought I'd start with my kitchen.  We moved a little over a year ago now.  Most windows are still lacking curtains and most walls are still lacking our pictures.  So a few weeks ago I started thinking about possible window treatments, starting with the kitchen.  I honestly prefer as much sunlight as possible and therefore no curtains.  However, I thought this room could really use a bit of color.  

So after searching all of our local fabric shops for possibilities I settled on this fabric pictured above from Hancock's fabric store.  I made mock roman shades and I like them.  And I really enjoy the color they bring into the room.  Since the ceilings are so high I am considering adding something above the windows as well....but I haven't decided yet.  Any suggestions?

Sewing these curtains is just the tip of the iceberg of my sewing lately.  I hope to be back soon to share more.  And I'm hopeful my Emily will share some too.  She has done a lot of sewing and crafting lately.

Happy stitching!!!!  xoxo

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wee Care Delivery......

Long time, no write!!!  I actually have been stitching a bit here and there - Just not taking the time to post, I guess. Our local SAGA Smocking Guild has been busy the past few months.  We were finishing up our Wee Care gowns for delivery. 

Our wonderful group of ladies really out did themselves this time around!!!  Just look at all these adorable gowns that are now ready and waiting at the local NICU to bless families going through potentially rough times!

I love seeing the creativity and individuality of the ladies.  All gowns were made from the same pattern but yet were all so very different.  Thank you to all our wonderful members that made this year's delivery a huge success!!!  Are you interested in making these precious gowns for your local community?  You can check out SAGA's website here and see if there is a local guild near you.  They would be thrilled to have you join in the fun!!!  And blessing others is always good!!!!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

My Emily is Making and Selling 18" Doll Clothes Now.......

My Emily is taking an entrepreneur class and she was challenged to come up with an idea/item to sell.  Since she loves making 18" doll clothes she has decided to start right there with what she loves.  She has one item on Ebay right now that ends tomorrow night, and here are a few more items she's about to add.  We are discussing whether to put these up on Ebay or Etsy.  But one way or the other, she is in major cut and sew mode.  

This sweet little hat she crocheted for the 18" dolls.  I love how colorful it is!  And a flower is always a nice surprise!  This is her own design/pattern.

She stitched this adorable jean skirt too.  Love her straight topstitching!!!  She has partnered with Liberty Jane Patterns and has been given the ok to use their patterns as long as she gives them the proper credit.  That's so fun!  This is one of their patterns.

And so she isn't sewing alone, here is a sneak peek at a historical dress I made this week.  I'm waiting for the sun to come out so I can take better pictures.

And this cute dress that I showed you before is the one up for auction right now.  If you want it you can follow this link.  The auction ends tomorrow night!!!  So go take a look!!!  Please??

I've actually been sewing so much this week that it seems that all I've done is re-fill my bobbin.  I guess that's a good thing!!!  Back soon with more fun sewing projects.  And I have an idea for something really fun here.  I'm going to think it through a bit more and then I'll share.

Enjoy your weekend!!!!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Emily.....

My Emily has been keeping herself busy lately.  She has been doing her "have to's"...that would be school work and chores around the house.  And she has been doing the fun and relaxing stuff.....which for her, are sewing, needlepoint, and crochet.  Yesterday she stitched this adorable dress made from a Liberty Jane Pattern.  It reminds me of a pillowcase dress and it would also look lovely in batiste with a bit of lace and a bottom hem tuck.

I've been keeping myself busy with all my "have to's" as well....plus a bit of fun stitching thrown in.  I've been working on some Wee Care gowns and also a shirt for Elisabeth.  Oh, I've also been crocheting some more cotton dish cloths.  I find them so addicting and mindless, which makes them wonderful to work on while I'm listening to a podcast or an audiobook here and there.

I hope you are fitting some stitching into your days too!!!
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