Wednesday, August 03, 2022

How to Transform a Well-worn (and Favorite) Dish Towel...

I was folding a load of towels this morning and came across this sad dish towel.  The side seams were barely hanging on.  However, the actual fabric in the center of the dish towel was in pretty good shape.  (And I must admit I have a sentimental attachment to this dish towel - as crazy as that sounds!!!)  So.... I had the idea to just serge the torn edges off.  I decided to use the serger because it would cut and bind the edges nicely AND it would preserve a larger area of the dish towel rather than turning under the edges twice and stitching an edging. 

I love how it turned out.  It is just so simple and that really makes me happy.  I thought I'd share this idea because maybe you have one, or two, well-worn dish towels that need a little kindness and attention to bring them back to their full use!!! 

Hi Friend!!! How has your summer been?  Are you about ready for fall?  My summer has been very busy but it also has been very good.  We went on a wonderful family vacation, had many fun afternoon excursions to the local coffee/tea shop with my kids to talk about what was on their minds, watched a few new movies - even went to the theater for one, helped a lot of people with homeopathic remedies, mentored many students who are learning to use homeopathy, read some great books, listened to some great sermons, etc.  It has been a full and great summer!!!  I do hope yours has been lovely too!!!  I'd love to hear from you!!! 

Be Blessed Friends!!! 💗



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