Monday, February 27, 2012

Spring-y Skort.....Coming Up......

(This picture doesn't do this fabric justice. It really is pretty!!!)

I am scheduled to teach an A-Line Ruffled Skort class at a local sewing shop this coming weekend. So I thought I best stitch one up so it is fresh in my memory. Plus Elisabeth has about outgrown all the various skorts she already has. So I let her pick out some fabric for a new one. I like this combination that she found. I am noticing that she picks teal colors pretty often.

I like how spring-like the fabrics are. I am SO ready for spring. Even though we have had a mild winter....I am ready for the bright, warm sunshine again. My Vit. D levels are still WAY too some sunshine would be very welcomed here about now!!!

What are you stitching on this week?


Kellie said...

Love the bright colors! My daughter loved skorts when she was younger! I am working on the flower girl dress for my sons wedding... hope to post soon!

Ellie Inspired said...

I've been going towards those colors too lately. Good choice, Elisabeth! I think it's going to be beautiful! Have fun teaching your class, Cindy! Wish I could attend!

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