Friday, November 20, 2009

Reindeer Outfit For Ean......

***This picture makes the pants and shirt look all crooked...but they really aren't!!! Promise!!!***

I have wanted to draft a pair of pants for Ean for a few weeks now. It was actually quite funny when I was trying to take his measurements. His cute little belly and all his dimples!!! I could just eat him up. But I won't...this time. I'll just draft patterns and sew instead!!!

So as I was saying, I drafted these cute little pants for him from his measurements. They are supposed to be loose-fitting...and they are, so I was successful. Then I thought a matching shirt would be a good idea.

So I broke out the machine embroidery attachment for my sewing machine and stitched out this cute little reindeer. I generally prefer hand embroidery....but this reindeer is still one of my favorite things. I've used him before and still just adore him. I stitched him out on some Kona cotton and then blanket-stitched it to the plaid fabric and then blanket-stitched the plaid fabric down to the little knit shirt. I love it. Now to remember to get a picture of him when he has it on. I can't quite decide if it is more like sleepwear or day wear. I guess for a 5 month-old it really doesn't matter!!!

As a side note: I'm working on another variation of Ean's hat and then maybe a pattern for both options. Thanks so much for the kind comments, emails and interest!!! Currently my Pleated Skort pattern is being tested by some wonderful blog readers and then it will be ready as well. I'll keep you updated on all fronts!!! Happy Stitching!!!

Another side note: Just in case anyone wonders....Ean is pronounced like "Ian" (e an) and it really is a name, I did not just make it up. I say this because my two boys had well-child check ups today and the nurse came to the well-child waiting room and said....."I need Ethan and E...A....N" She spelled his name because she did not know how to pronounce it. So just in case you ever wondered.....there you go.


maria said...

Oh Cindy, the reindeer is so cute!


Goosegirl said...

Cindy, this little outfit is adorable. I hope you post a pic of Ean in it!

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