Friday, May 13, 2011

Easter Frocks, Part 2....

I am back with Ean's sweet Easter romper. This outfit has quite a story....seems like that is a trend with me. I can't condense things well....I always want to give every last detail. That can be annoying for some. But anyway, that's just the way it is with me. I hope it doesn't bother you too much.

So here is the outfit Ean wore for Easter this year. I hope to get a picture of him wearing it for you soon. But by the time we got home on Easter afternoon all he wanted was lunch and a nap and neither involved his outfit or a camera. Next year I've decided I'm going to take pictures the day before Easter....when everyone is still nice and fresh and in a great mood! :o)

I built this entire outfit around this "Easter Train" smocking plate that I picked up at our local heirloom shop sometime last year. The plate only has 6 rows of smocking so I started looking for a romper pattern that would accommodate just 6 rows of smocking. I looked through every pattern I have and finally decided to just make my own. Of course, I used my favorite blue/white gingham and it is fully lined. That should be no surprise for those of you that know me.

I was so happy to have this sweet little romper finished early. Then just a few days before Easter I realized I did not have a shirt for him to wear under it. So I quickly made a little shirt. It looks fine on Ean but this mannequin is a bit big for this small garment, therefore the collar is sticking out and looking all sorts of wonky. But trust me, on Ean it was looking just fine. Adorable even! But I am a bit biased!

And for extra exciting news, I won a gift at church this past Sunday (Mother's Day). They gave out three gifts. One for the mom there that had the most children and grandchildren combined (none had to be present). The sweet lady that won had 25 all together! Amazing. I hope I am so blessed down the road. The second gift was for the mom with the youngest baby....which was one of our sweet friends and her precious baby boy! And then the last gift was for the mom with the most children, and they had to be present with row was over half-filled with my four little ones, plus Wayne, of course! The gift was a book about Moms!! I was so surprised and feeling blessed! I hope your days have been blessed too.


Nell said...

Cindy, as a detail oriented person myself, your details don't bother me. I like this little outfit. Very cute smocking design. Thanks so much for always sharing your talents. And congratulations on winning the prize on Mother's Day at church. So glad you had a good day!

Kellie said...

Sew sweet! Just love the train.

gmaofthree said...

The outfit turned out great! So sweet is right and it just matches those big blue eyes. Now it wouldn't have been as much fun if you hadn't had to alter the pattern, would it? ;-)

Jan M said...

Love the romper and the smocking! Trains have a special place in my heart, and so do little boys.
Congratulations on winning!

dlogan said...

Love the details!!! Cause I am an over analyzer by nature. My chidren run at the thought of going to the store with me. This is also why it is hard for me to finish anything quickly!

Love the outfit. Hope you are settled back in at home. Darby ox

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