Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Misc. Projects.....

I've been trying to pull together my program for Smocking Guild which is next week. The above pieces will hopefully become one of my samples when I have a few spare minutes to finish it. Plus I still have a few more samples to make. I do have my handouts finished though....that is encouraging.

Last week Emily and I went on a crochet binge. Here are the preemie hats I made to donate to our local NICU. Emily made four preemie hats in one day!!! I will share them when we get a photo.

I am also finishing up a little bubble/romper I am making for my great niece. This cute little thing would probably take about one hour to make...start to finish....but add Sweet Little Ean into the equation....and I've now been working on it for two weeks. I still need to add buttons to the straps and snaps to the bottom and it will be finished. I also made a little accessory to go with it. I'll share it all when it is complete and ready to send to the precious little girl.

And finally, I've also been working on some filet crochet. I have so enjoyed learning how to do this. I've made one with our last name on it as well as one for Ean. I need to decide how I am going to finish them. I figure I can frame them or attach them to the front of a pillow. I'm still undecided.
I'm off to work on some more hand stitching for next week's Smocking Guild meeting, in between nursing the baby and other misc. mom duties, of course. I hope you all are working on something fun!!!


Candice said...

The snail is adorable! I made a snail quilt a couple weeks back, and it would have been a perfect addition! :)

Coco, not as in Chanel :) said...

Filet crochet is so pretty :) You little girl is quite the crocheter. She needs to give me some lessons :)

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