Saturday, March 07, 2009

Spring Sewing is Here!!!!

I think sewing for Spring is my favorite!!! I love all the bright and happy colors....not to mention the ginghams. Of course, I can work gingham into all of my sewing!!! This is a new outfit for Elisabeth. I first saw the white fabric with the blue and yellow flowers. I knew I had to make something with it....and this outfit was the result. There are so many aspects of this ensemble that I love....the hand embroidery, the square neck, the a-line skirt, the fabrics, etc. Fortunately, Elisabeth loves it too!!!

I had fun creating this bullion flower. It was basically a sit-down-late-one-night-and-stitch-it-out. I had no pattern....but it was really easy.

The back of the shirt buttons all the way from top to bottom. The buttons really do match...the lighting just isn't right, I guess. If I could have gotten away with it, I would have put yellow gingham covered buttons...but I have promised my little ones that I won't put "pokey" buttons on the back of their shirts anymore. I really like the yellow gingham piping and ruffled sleeve edges too!!!

I did find somewhere I could put some gingham covered buttons though. On each side of the skirt, there is an opening that buttons closed....these buttons are perfect.

Elisabeth wore her new outfit all day until while playing outside in the 70 degree gorgeous day...she accidentally got sprayed with the water hose. The outfit is now drying out....I'm sure she'll have it on again soon!!!

I have so many more Spring sewing ideas floating around in my head...but right now I have to focus on our next Smocking Guild meeting. I have lots of ideas for it too....and I need to narrow it down and get a few samples and handouts made. What kind of things are you all sewing for Spring???? Do share!!!


Gramma 2 Many said...

This is such a cute outfit. I just came out of my sewing room. Am trying to get the inspiration to make two more eyelet dresses like I made for our Elizabeth for her birthday. Olivia and Abigail need one by Easter also. The fabric is pretty sheer so I am going to line the next two I make.
You are truly inspiring me to get out my smocker too before these girls are to big to wear smocked dresses.
Thanks for your care and encouragement for my mother also.

squeeli2 said...

This is such a cute little outfit.

The skirt was easy to make. I'm going to make one or two more. I'm going to have them watch me do those and then I'm going to have them do one of their own. Thanks for the prayers for Mason. It was terrifying, but God was truly in control and I know He protected Him from harm. He is so faithful!

Cindy said...

Thanks for the sweet comments...this was one of my favorite outfits ever to make!!!

Hopewell said...

Your work is all so sweet! I loved this outfit, the new little dress and your now customary gingham and floral for the Guild. What lovely taste you have.

Cindy said...

Thanks Hopewell!!!

E Caughron said...

What pattern did you use for that adorable shirt?

Cindy said...

E Caughron....I used Ainsley by Children's Corner for the skirt and shirt. I did not put the "band" around the waist of the shirt because I liked it better loose. I hope that makes sense. If you see the pattern you'll know what I mean. Thanks!

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