Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's Been A Productive Week.....

I've had a relatively productive week. I really am trying to finish up some projects that have been lingering on my sewing table a little too long. This dress above I started for Elisabeth way back in September or October. It felt really good to wrap it up earlier this week. I will get Elisabeth to model it and take a few photos in a day or so.

I also finished the cross-stitch angel that is destined to be a pillow. I made a trip to the quilt store and picked out fabric for the backing and the ruffle. I will be happy to get this one done too. While at the quilt store I also picked up some batting to finish my most recent quilt.

I also am working on a jumper for myself....not quite done yet....but pretty close. So, to celebrate the completion of a few things (and the almost completion of another couple), Emily and I headed out to Hancock's today to browse around. I picked up the above fabric to make Elisabeth a spring dress.

And we purchased the above fabrics to make Emily a few more long skirts. She thought she was getting too old for homemade items until we went to the mall a few months back. There was nothing I would have allowed her to wear outside of her bedroom....and fortunately she agreed!!! So far so good!!!


Gramma 2 Many said...

I absolutely love the dress. I have only smocked one dress but have been thinking of doing one for my four year old gdaughter. She loves dresses and absolutely refuses to wear pants. Guess I better drag the smocker out and get busy.
The fabrics are very pretty also. I do not usually get to Hancock because they are a destination not a drop in type of drive. Should make it a destination soon though.
I found you by surfing. Love what I am seeing and reading.

Cindy said...

Gramma2Many.....glad you stopped by for a little visit!!! My just turned 6 year old Elisabeth doesn't care much for pants either....I'm enjoying that while I can. I am sure your granddaughter would love a smocked dress!!! I hope you came back for a visit soon!!!

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