Saturday, November 29, 2008

What's On My Ironing Board.........

Even though I've been neglectful of posting here....I have been working on some projects here and there. First up on my ironing board is this lap quilt. I went to the quilt store a few days ago and picked out border, binding, and backing fabrics. I am really looking forward to having it finished. It's home will be in our den....the colors will coordinate perfectly and the evenings are already getting chilly.

Next up....three Wee Care gowns that I had to iron and turn up the hem. I will hand stitch the hems during the girls ballet classes or a good movie. I think these are the last gowns I have pleated up....I need to put a few more together and start smocking.

And lastly, a skirt I made for myself for these cool days and nights. I really dislike pants (because they never fit right) and prefer skirts, dresses, and jumpers as much as possible.

My pretty ironing board cover was purchased from Cheryl M. I have had it for quite some time now and it always makes me smile while ironing. Cheryl's work has great attention to detail and is just beautiful!!!


Missy said...

I'm jealous, I've had a quilt prepped for binding for about 3 years now, I just can't seem to get it finished!

Cheryl M. said...

Dear Friend, You have been busy! Beautiful quilt and love those wee care gowns - I really like how you finished the sleeve edge coloring to match the smocking thread color. And thanks for the link! :)

Deborah said...

Someday I will find some time to learn to quilt. I've been saving all my scraps. The gowns are adorable too!

I prefer skirts over pants too. Unfortunately, it gets too cold here in the winter to comfortably wear skirts though (too many waist bands ;-)). I have discovered though that dress pants often seem to be a comfortable fit. I intend to take a sewing class this spring/summer and make a nice conservative skirt with a good fit, so I can make half a dozen of them as I do NOT wear shorts.

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