Thursday, August 07, 2008

Finally Finished.....

Seems like this pre-shirred fabric has been sitting by my sewing machine for months now. Actually, I think it has. I first made Emily a dress out of this fabric and then Elisabeth wanted one. For me, it all goes back to being inspired. I always feel challenged (in a good way) when I am making something for the first time. I really enjoy the process and anxiously look forward to completion. But....if I need to make two of the same thing.....I don't enjoy it so much. Now I am ok if it's the same pattern with different fabric....or.....the same fabric with different patterns. But...the same fabric and the same pattern....I get very un-inspired and very quickly. So that is why this sweet little dress has been sitting and waiting to be finished for so very long.

Last night I finally pulled myself together long enough to finish this little sundress for Elisabeth. The girls immediately got dressed this morning....when they realized they could wear matching dresses. Aren't they cute???? I think so!!!
Does anyone else suffer from "I can't make two of the same thing" syndrome? Or am I alone in this disorder???


Amie said...

Cute dresses!

I know exactly what you mean! When I'm making identical things, I try and do them at the same time so I can finish them together.

Susan said...

I don't really like to make two of the same thing, although I've done multiples of things before. I once made 9 pairs of culottes for a friend and her daughters, and I've made 4 bridesmaids dresses and one in white for the bride to go away in, and 20-something identical vests for the ladies in our church when we were hosting a ladies' conference. The saving grace with each of those is that they were varying sizes - but that's all that varied!

Your girls' dresses are so cute!

Martha said...

I am so there. At first it soounds do easy, but then the spark is gone.
Cute cute dresses.

able80224 said...

Very sweet little dresses! The girls look very cool in the heat of August. And I love those braids!

I guess I haven't made two of anything. I'm doing well to get something made once!

Katie said...

The girls look so sweet in their dresses, Cindy! I don't like to make more than one of anything, either, un less I'm doing a variation. Like those CC Frannie dresses--I could keep making those all day long, as long as each one is different fabric, etc.

Cheryl M. said..., not too badly...however, three makes me want to walk off a cliff. Once I made four of the same lined jumpers and haven't been able to sew on green corduroy since....;)

Kay aka dkswife said...

Oh, I use a skirt pattern over and over...different fabrics, but I just love the pattern.

Cute little girls!

able80224 said...

Before Cindy catches my glaring untruth, I should say, yes, I have been working on 4 of Stacey's Smocked Sundresses, by Ginger Snaps. I've finished one (yeah!) and working on second. All different colors of gingham.
I hope I don't find that cliff that Cheryl M talked about!

tgillock said...

The girls look so sweet together!! I love their dresses!

Not alone! I have been putting off for two weeks now dresses for my girls out of the same fabric, same pattern. I love the patterns and the fabric, but I just do not look forward to doing it. I know how you feel.

Mom2fur said...

Well, it was worth the wait! The girls are just priceless in their matching dresses.
I don't like making two of exactly the same thing, either. But if you want to do it again, do them at the same time--so it will be like one sewing session instead of two, kind of like an assembly line!

Cindy said...

Well you all sure make me feel better!!! I must not be alone with this disorder. However, Susan, you are amazing with all of the duplicate items you have made!!! I need to work on that I guess. I think I should utilize the assembly line idea like Amie and Mom2fur mentioned...but I usually make one of the girls something and then immediately when it is finished the other one wants one...even if they did not in the beginning.

HopewellMomSchool said...

I know what you mean! It hits me with scrapbook pages I want on the same topic for both kids' books! Ugh! The first one goes great, but even if I vary the layout/papers, etc, for the 2nd one it sits around forever waiting to get done!

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