Saturday, May 31, 2008

Emily's New Sundress...

Wow....we seem to be on a sundress trend lately. Emily saw this pre-shirred fabric at Hobby Lobby a week or so ago and decided right then and there that she had to have a sundress made out it. You know I rarely tell them no when it involves me sewing for them. Plus the fabric was 30% off....even better. So one night (when I probably should have been doing something else) I sat down and made her this cute little dress. I like the colors in this dress. It's a little more "noisy" than I usually like....but she loves it!!! I turned under and stitched the raw edges at the top and bottom of the dress as well as made the straps and attached them. Not bad for about 20 minutes of sewing! Now that Emily's dress is finished....Elisabeth wants one. So we headed over to HL yesterday and picked up the's not on sale anymore!

It never fails when I am trying to take pictures.....all three of my children will yawn. Does that happen to anyone else?

And I think our rose bush is working overtime or something.....I bet it has about 40-60 blooms on it at this very moment. I think I was supposed to remove some of the buds early on so that "more energy" could be used for fewer buds? I don't know....but it is covered with blooms! They sure are gorgeous!!!!


Missy said...

I only cut off the almost dead flowers to allow for more energy to go to the other flowers. I don't cut the buds, you never know if that would have been the perfect bud!
I think the yawning is a sign for you, that you may be taking too long getting the perfect shot. ha-ha.

Karen said...

I saw that material at H.L. last week! Love that place. The sundress is so cute, and cool for the hot weather coming.
Your roses are absolutely gorgeous! I just posted about my pitiful rose bush. I hope it lives. :o)

Cindy said...

Missy...they will start yawning before I even get the camera in position!!!

Karen....Thanks!! We had a storm that came through yesterday and blew most all of the blooms off of our rose bush. Crazy!!

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