Thursday, May 22, 2008

Halter Tops.....

A week or so ago I decided I wanted to try my hand at drafting a swing style halter top pattern. I measured the girls across their chest to see what the top width should be and also measured them for the length. I also knew I wanted it to flare out a little. After I drew the front and back out on paper I grabbed some cheap Hobby Lobby fabric that I have just for this purpose. It did not take long to sew this top. I wasn't 100% thrilled with the I was very surprised when Emily loved the prototype.

I personally thought it was a little too wide across the chest and that the straps were a little too thin. I also was hoping to put a ruffle on the bottom....but Emily just wanted me to finish off the bottom so she could wear it. (The bottom is not finished in the above pictures....but it is now...promise!) She does not care for ruffles or piping.....which amazes me...the one who loves to make both! And I doubt you can tell from the photo...but I made the top fully lined. I love lining things and therefore leaving very little finishing work. Although lining garments can make the item more expensive to create....sometimes doubling the fabric costs.

So with my knowledge learned from the first attempt....I started in on the next one. I surprised myself by taking the time to embroider an "E" on it first. I love the idea of machine embroidery....but in reality...I don't like to make the adjustments to my machine to accomplish that goal. But I am getting better about it. The "E" is from Martha Pullen's Internet Embroidery Club 2008. This was a Christmas gift from Wayne last year. I should have placed the "E" a little higher on the top....but once again...I'm still figuring out all this machine embroidery. I then altered my original pattern pieces and made the straps wider and the chest a little more narrow. I also borrowed my friend Paige's ruffler attachment and had a blast making the ruffles for this top.

Once again, everything was lined. The top ended up pretty long since I added the ruffles...but Elisabeth still likes it. And the fabric matches perfectly with a pair of shorts I made her last year...that still fit!!! And this gingham/plaid fabric is also the same fabric that I made Ethan's sailboat overalls out another coordinating outfit.

So I think it all turned out well. And I believe the top would be adorable with a pair of capris!!! If I can find the perfect fabric....I might have to make another one!


Missy said...

It looks like you just about have it figured out. I like the straps thinner. If they are too thick, you might end up with an uncomfortable lump on the back of the neck. At least you got to put a ruffle on Elisabeth's.

Ginny said...

Very cute! A hint about placement for machine embroidery: mark the position with the garment ON. Or, print out a template. I usually just use a pin on the garment and forego the template. Probably not the best idea . . .

Katie said...

Goodness! You have made two really sweet tops! I'd LOVE to test this pattern if you ever decide to sell it. =0)

With little ones, I always place the embroidery 1" to 2" from the neckline. If it's a t-shirt, I place it 1" from the seam where the neckband meets the shirt. I don't know if that helps or not.

Cindy said...

Missy....thanks. Yes, Emily likes the thinner straps too..she tells me so regularly.

Ginny....thanks for the hints....I obviously need them!

Katie....You'd be one of the first people I would "beg" to test a pattern for me. Thanks for offering up front....maybe one day I'll take up that challenge. Thanks also for the hints on where to place embroidery. It definitely helps....I'm almost ready to do some more!!!

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