Saturday, April 26, 2008

Coming Up Next......

I am in the middle of several different projects. I am cutting out and sewing a sweet outfit for Ethan. I almost made the same error as Easter....and cut the pattern too small. I am hoping to put something really cute on the front and I have my fingers crossed that it works out well. The above photo shows the supplies for that outfit.
I also am putting the finishing touches on the Fabric Flower Tutorial. It will be up SOON.
I went to the quilt store earlier in the week to pick up some fabric for aprons for the girls. I should say....dress-up/play aprons. They are going to be adorable!
I'll be sewing a couple pairs of shorts for the girls too.
And I almost forgot....I am smocking a top for Emily to match a pair of capris I made her last week.
Also, this past week, at our last Smocking Guild (SAGA) meeting I demonstrated the elastic thread in the pleater technique. We had a packed house and everything went very well. I was pleased! I also ended up showing them how to make the fabric flowers....they loved them!
It's been a busy week.

***The kids made the sweet tulips in the above picture. If you are interested, I have the information here.***

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