Friday, January 03, 2014

Beautiful Kitchen Windows....Before and After......

Happy New Year Friends!!!!  I have taken quite a break from blogging while keeping busy with my family.  But I have had an itch lately to give a few updates and share a few projects while they are still fresh in my mind.  

First, I thought I'd start with my kitchen.  We moved a little over a year ago now.  Most windows are still lacking curtains and most walls are still lacking our pictures.  So a few weeks ago I started thinking about possible window treatments, starting with the kitchen.  I honestly prefer as much sunlight as possible and therefore no curtains.  However, I thought this room could really use a bit of color.  

So after searching all of our local fabric shops for possibilities I settled on this fabric pictured above from Hancock's fabric store.  I made mock roman shades and I like them.  And I really enjoy the color they bring into the room.  Since the ceilings are so high I am considering adding something above the windows as well....but I haven't decided yet.  Any suggestions?

Sewing these curtains is just the tip of the iceberg of my sewing lately.  I hope to be back soon to share more.  And I'm hopeful my Emily will share some too.  She has done a lot of sewing and crafting lately.

Happy stitching!!!!  xoxo


Cheryl M. said...

Beautiful room and lovely shades! I wouldn't add anything above the windows - it's so pretty as is!

dlogan said...

Hi Cindy, I am so happy you are back:)) I thought about your windows and I love the mock Romans. Did you use a pattern? Also, I think a fun idea would be to hang a picture of each child(maybe a black and white photo) all framed with the same frame above the windows. Just a thought. Love your new dining room!
Darby ox

Cindy said...

Thanks Cheryl and Darby!!! I did not use a pattern but I did loosely follow a tutorial. It can be found here:

I did sew mine and I lined them with drapery lining fabric rather than self-line them with additional drapery fabric. I am pretty pleased with them for the most part.

Great idea about using pictures of the kids for above the windows. My only idea so far was to hang a vinyl Bible verse....but our walls have a slight bit of texture to them so I'm not sure how and if that would work. So I'm thankful for any and all ideas!!! Thanks!!!

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