Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Emily.....

My Emily has been keeping herself busy lately.  She has been doing her "have to's"...that would be school work and chores around the house.  And she has been doing the fun and relaxing stuff.....which for her, are sewing, needlepoint, and crochet.  Yesterday she stitched this adorable dress made from a Liberty Jane Pattern.  It reminds me of a pillowcase dress and it would also look lovely in batiste with a bit of lace and a bottom hem tuck.

I've been keeping myself busy with all my "have to's" as a bit of fun stitching thrown in.  I've been working on some Wee Care gowns and also a shirt for Elisabeth.  Oh, I've also been crocheting some more cotton dish cloths.  I find them so addicting and mindless, which makes them wonderful to work on while I'm listening to a podcast or an audiobook here and there.

I hope you are fitting some stitching into your days too!!!


Martha said...

SO sweet. She did a great job as always. She will be sewing circles around all of us in years to come.

Cindy said...


I think you are right!!! Thanks so much for the kind comment!!!


The dB family said...

It reminded me of a pillow case dress too. So cute! I'm positive she's a better seamstress than me! I was thinking of making all my girls pillowcase type nightgowns for the summer.


Cindy said...


Great to hear from you! You've been on my mind a lot lately. I hope you and the family are well. I am positive you can stitch your girls some pillowcase dresses. Just find a pattern (rather than worrying about creating one) and just have fun stitching them. They would be perfect for nightgowns or bathing suit cover-ups too.

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