Saturday, April 27, 2013

My Emily is Making and Selling 18" Doll Clothes Now.......

My Emily is taking an entrepreneur class and she was challenged to come up with an idea/item to sell.  Since she loves making 18" doll clothes she has decided to start right there with what she loves.  She has one item on Ebay right now that ends tomorrow night, and here are a few more items she's about to add.  We are discussing whether to put these up on Ebay or Etsy.  But one way or the other, she is in major cut and sew mode.  

This sweet little hat she crocheted for the 18" dolls.  I love how colorful it is!  And a flower is always a nice surprise!  This is her own design/pattern.

She stitched this adorable jean skirt too.  Love her straight topstitching!!!  She has partnered with Liberty Jane Patterns and has been given the ok to use their patterns as long as she gives them the proper credit.  That's so fun!  This is one of their patterns.

And so she isn't sewing alone, here is a sneak peek at a historical dress I made this week.  I'm waiting for the sun to come out so I can take better pictures.

And this cute dress that I showed you before is the one up for auction right now.  If you want it you can follow this link.  The auction ends tomorrow night!!!  So go take a look!!!  Please??

I've actually been sewing so much this week that it seems that all I've done is re-fill my bobbin.  I guess that's a good thing!!!  Back soon with more fun sewing projects.  And I have an idea for something really fun here.  I'm going to think it through a bit more and then I'll share.

Enjoy your weekend!!!!


Kellie said...

Bravo to Emily! Love the hat!

kr said...

I just happened by your blog and found it interesting that your daughter was in an entrepreneur class. My son was also in an entrepreneur class. I wonder if they were in the same class. Landry academy?

Cindy said...

Thanks Kellie!!!

Cindy said...

Kr....No, her class isn't with Landry Academy. But she is enjoying it and I hope your son is as well!! Thanks for dropping by!!

Ruth said...

Way to go, Emily!

She's doing great with her sewing and crocheting. I wish her well in her entrepreneur endeavors.

L said...

Good luck to your daughter!

I think etsy is a better place to sell handmade items than ebay.

jelly andrews said...

Her dolls clothes are amazing. They are so fashionable. I wonder where Emily got her inspiration in making these doll clothes.

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