Monday, January 21, 2013

Birthing A Quilt......

Wow!  Long write.  Sorry about that!  We had a wonderful Christmas with our four children, plus my 18 year old niece came to spend the holidays with us.  We had fun in the new house deciding where to place the tree, how to decorate the front of the house, building our annual gingerbread house, etc.  Oh, plus we also made our new and old neighbors hand crocheted dishcloths with lotion, and a small plate of chocolate treats.  That is one of our favorite traditions each year.

With Christmas over and the New Year here....we are slowing getting back into our routines.  That was disrupted a bit as all four kids came down with the "coughing virus," as I call it.  It is taking awhile to shake it but I think they are all on the mend at this time.  They are running around the house irritating each other so I have to assume they are feeling better.  :)

As for me, I have actually worked in a bit of sewing here and there.  I was able to finish a quilt that I started awhile back.  The days, and nights, have been so chilly here and we have all been fighting over who has which quilt that I decided to finish this one so there would be another quilt in the mix.  And it's a huge lap size it is the perfect kind for cold and lazy days!  Well, I really shouldn't say lazy....I find the kids wrapped up in quilts reading and doing school work pretty often.

Anyway, above you see all the yards and yards of binding I made.

Then I stitched it in.  I use my walking foot for just about all things quilting...but I use my edge stitch foot for the last seam when attaching binding.  It rides right in the ditch and catches the binding in the back for a perfect looking binding.

I'll be back with the finished quilt!

I hope you all have worked some stitching in too!!   Happy Stitching!!!

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