Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Little Boy Shorts.....Finished!

As you can tell in the above picture, we had a bunch of glorious sunshine today!!! Love it!! That makes these shorts even more timely for Sweet Ean. All in all it took me three sittings to stitch these four pairs of shorts. I know they are super fast and easy but I only get to stitch in 5 to 10 minute increments these days. Like I mentioned before, this is a simple shorts pattern I drafted last fall for these shorts. They have an elastic waist and no side seams. Since he's only 2 years old these shorts work well for play shorts. He's napping right now so I'll have to get a picture of him in a pair of them another time.

Next up I need to finish a dress I started for Elisabeth. I have it completed except the buttons and buttonholes. I have a 2 part post about buttonholes here and here if you are interested in how I make them.

Enjoy your evening!! Try to work some stitching in if you can!!!


Kellie said...

How comfy... and little boys are all about comfort!

Emily Monarch said...

Glad you got these finished. I have been finding myself in the same position lately, with only a few minutes at a time to sew.

Cindy said...

Kellie and Emily,

Thanks so much. You know sometimes you just need a mindless and easy project and these little shorts really fit the bill!!! Thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment. I really appreciate it!!!


Ellie Inspired said...

How in the world did you sew up four pairs of shorts and work on Elisabeth's dress when I took up so much of your time today!? Okay....no more excuses for me...off to the sewing machine I go! (The shorts are super cute! Perfect addition to his summer wardrobe!)

Cindy said...

Laura...I've been working on these shorts off and on for three days now. I had them finished by the time I spoke with you. Same for Elisabeth's dress. Now I just need to take the time to add buttons and buttonholes. Hopefully today!!! I hope you didn't stay up too late last night!!! :o)

The dB family said...

So cute and so boy!!


Cynthia said...

I remember doing the same thing for my son (now 30!). I bought t-shirts at end of season a couple sizes larger when they were marked down, and usually bought in same color family. Then sewed the shorts, and a couple pairs of long pants in solids, and everything matched. Did the same for the daughter in her colors (usually pinks and purples). They were well dressed kids on a limited budget. I just came across a box of things I made for them, brought back some happy memories.

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