Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Halloween 2011.....

Another halloween has passed by my sewing machine. The kids made their final decisions last week sometime. Elisabeth was Pippi Longstocking. Emily was Priscilla Mullins from the Mayflower. Ethan was Peter Pan.

Let's see. Ethan's was a bit tricky because I could not find a commercial pattern for Peter Pan. Finally on Sunday morning I googled some Peter Pan images and made a quick trip to the fabric store. Sunday night, late, I hand drafted a pair of pants for him. Then Monday afternoon I hand drafted his top. For his hat I took a piece of felt and worked with it and stitched it until we all agreed on the shape we liked. He loves it and hasn't taken it off yet! Yes, he even slept in it.

Emily was pretty easy because she decided she wanted to use her base dress from last year. To that we added a bonnet, collar, and apron that I made Saturday night. Not bad and she likes it.

A few months back I read Pippi Longstocking to Elisabeth, Ethan and even Ean. They all loved it! We talk about Pippi all the time around our house. So Elisabeth was sure that she wanted to be Pippi for halloween. I used the Madeline pattern from The Handmade Dress for the dress but did not add the elastic and coordinating fabric around the chest area. I made the dress on Sunday night and Emily stitched a few patches on it for me yesterday. But don't you love Pippi's hair? I do! And everyone that saw her last night had to comment on it. I told Elisabeth we should do her hair like this next summer to keep her neck cool. :o)

We had a ton of trick or treaters last night and I did not see one homemade costume in the mix. That's kind of sad, I think. I was surprised when I was looking at patterns while at the fabric shop. There are not many costume patterns available anymore, and hardly none for boys.

Oh, and I forgot to mention why there are no pictures of Ean. He decided to take a late nap and he missed out on most of the festivities. If he had been awake he would have been dressed up like Mr. Rogers. He loves Mr. Rogers! Ethan dressed up as Mr. Rogers one year too. So much fun!

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Sew Blessed Maw said...

What great costumes.The kids look adorable.
I so enjoy your blog. I sewed alot of my daughters clothes and she is now grown and a school teacher. I love to sew and see that you do too. Happy sewing.

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