Tuesday, August 02, 2011

New Project......

Yesterday found me cutting out fabric squares. Any ideas what I might be working on? Here's a hint...the kids will love it!

All is well here after a round of summer colds last week. The kids are getting a little stir crazy inside all day...but the temps have been way too hot to spend much time outside. I was planning on a visit to the library and a new yarn shop today....but Ean decided to get up a bit too early today, so I'm thinking an early nap for him may be a better idea. The library and yarn shop can wait until tomorrow. Other than what you see above I don't think I've been sewing much the past week or so. I need to decide what my next big sewing project will be.

And every time I download pictures from my camera I am in for a surprise. The kids are forever borrowing my camera to capture life from their angle. Today I found this little gem on there. The boys doing what they do best....playing around and being silly! I already miss these days, even though I am still in the thick of them. And that surely doesn't mean it's all easy....trust me....some days I'm not sure I'll make it until their father gets home. But all in all...it's a blessed life I lead!!!


Goosegirl said...

Oo pretty squares. Are you making a picnic quilt? I hope everyone gets well and stays healthy the rest of the summer. I love the Ean picture too.

Kellie said...

Love the fabrics together... looking forward to seeing "the project"! Enjoy your summer... school is right around the corner :-)

The dB family said...

I'm guessing a picnic quilt or a play quilt. Love the flannel squares AND the photo of Ean and Ethan!


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