Thursday, March 31, 2011

Back to Business.....

Yeah, it's time to start stitching Ean's Easter outfit. I've spent the last week editing our church cookbook and not only did it consume all my made my eyes sore. I'm hoping I can smock tonight once I get all the house chores completed. After I post this I am going to start on a big pot of minestrone soup for tonight and some yummy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies too. Then I'm going to do a quick clean up around the house. Then, hopefully, I'll be able to smock a bit. I find that sewing or hand stitching is so therapeutic for me. Do you find the same? I know sewing frustrates some and therefore that can't be relaxing for them. But I do love it and it relaxes me.

Today is my Emily's favorite day of the year, I think. April Fool's Day. She spends her entire year thinking about various pranks to pull on us. This morning was funny though because she had one pulled over on her. She loves the Jumble in the daily newspaper...and she has gotten really good at them too. Well today it said they were going to discontinue the Jumble effective immediately. I heard her yelp across the house. It was funny when she realized it was an April's Fool joke. She is a funny girl.

Oh, and that funny girl has been busy. I can't wait to take a picture and show you what she has been working on. She has more tenacity than some adults I know. You just won't believe it either.

Ok, must get busy chopping veggies and making cookies!! My smocking is calling me!!!!


Kellie said...

Smocking... never a chore, always a reward! I love it too... my only addiction. Can't wait to see your daughter's project... and your Easter project!

Deirdre said...

I found your site and am so impressed with your smocking work (and family. I am relatively new to the smocking...although my mother has done it for years, making several outfits for my children. I am teaching myself (yikes) as I make dresses for my toddler. I would love to see you do a post on how to put the smocked panel into the outfit. I still have issues with the line of stitching connecting the smocking to the fabric - the pleats get mashed. Thanks for the great inspiration!

dlogan said...

Hi Cindy,
We had Minestone Soup this week too!! I am knitting a baby blanket, but I really think crochet is more comfortable for me. My college girl came home for spring break and all was well in our world! I am looking forward to your Easter smocking and seeing Emily's next reveal. :) God Bless, Darby

Hopewell said...

What a sweet design! I love the little train.

Cindy said...

Ladies, Thanks so much for your kind words. I have started the sweet little train. It doesn't look near as perfect as the smocking plate does...but that's alright.

Deirdre....I will try and remember to take pictures as I stitch in the insert. That is great that you are starting to smock. Just keep smocking and it will become easier for you. Plus it is great you have your mom as a resource!!!

Kellie and Darby...yes, what Emily is working on is incredible I think. Of course, I am mildly biased!!! Ha!

Hopewell...thanks so much for stopping by!!!

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