Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ean's New Overalls.....

It's hard to get past those big eyes and long eye lashes isn't it? Ean has the most beautiful eyes and such a sweet smile!!! I could spend my entire days kissing on his cheeks...and sometimes do!! He had sweet potatoes for dinner which is why his face is a bit's always better if you spread it around a little on your face while you are eating! Don't you think?

Last week I made these cute overalls for him. I used some corduroy I had from last Fall and a sweet little plaid cotton to line them. I should have taken some extra time and embroidered something on the front...but oh well, maybe next time. I always love a project that goes together in less than two hours! This one certainly fit the bill!

The weather has been so warm and wonderful this past week that corduroy has almost been too heavy to wear. But I am not complaining. I am ready for the 90 degree weather!!! Bring it on!!!


Kellie said...

Coveralls... what every little boy needs!

dlogan said...


OMG, Ean is so cute! Because I have a sixteen year old BIG boy, I am ever so slightly jealous. :) Enjoy those kisses, and the outfit is perfect for playing.....Blessings, Darby

Cindy said...

Kellie...I agree! This little boy lives in this type of overalls all the time!

Darby...thanks!!! This baby is so much fun I am beside myself on a daily basis!! I can't even count how many kisses he gets everyday!!!

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