Monday, January 17, 2011

Ean's New Outfit.....

Wow! These pictures make me realize that my Sweet Ean is growing up. He's a toddler now. He can walk when he chooses...but if he wants to get somewhere fast he drops to his knees and crawls like a maniac!

In these photos Ean is wearing the cute little outfit I made him this past weekend. The pattern is Baby Lyric by Pintucks and Pettiecoats. Also in these photos Ean is sporting unruly hair...forgive him...and me.

I amazed myself when I actually decided to embroidery his monogram on the front. Well actually I did not amaze myself until I actually DID it. I think about all sorts of things I want to do....but I am thrilled when I actually follow through and do it!

The machine embroidery font is called Kiddy Font and came from The Embroidery Font Shop. I have had this font for several years and also used it for an outfit for Elisabeth awhile back.

I made the 18 month size for Ean so he would have some room to grow. The 12 month size fits him perfectly...but I really wanted the extra room. I think the pattern runs true to size because Ean is very petite and is just starting to outgrow the 12 months size in ready to wear clothes.

For the main fabric I used a piece of denim. I buy this at my local heirloom shop and I love it!!! For the lining I used a piece of blue/white/khaki plaid that I had also. I love the combination of these colors. Now if I can only remember to have my camera on the correct settings next time I want to take pictures...all will be good!!!

I hope you have time to work a few stitches this new year! I have a jumper ready to cut out for Elisabeth and two tiered skirts ready to start for Emily. Plus....I am thinking of making a sweet baby outfit for a girl at church who is pregnant with her first little one.

Happy Stitching Friends!!!


Nell said...

Your baby is growing up!
Same sweet smile as the others too. I love your outfit - very cute and timeless - I remember making similar items when my children were small.
Your embroidery is wonderful too. Thanks for sharing your great work, Cindy.

Cindy said...

Thanks Nell! Yes he is growing up. I am in slight denial though!!!

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