Monday, December 27, 2010

You May Remember....

Ean ~ Recycled photo from Fall 2009

You may remember this sweet hat I made for Ean last Fall. Well it doesn't fit anymore as you would expect since baby heads grow pretty fast the first year. So for my next sewing project, hopefully later this week, I am going to make him another hat. I have to do some closet diving (that's where I keep my stash) for the perfect fabric...and I hope I come up with something good. This fun hat requires such a small amount of fabric that I really don't want to have to purchase any....surely I already have something that will work.
Ean ~ Recycled photo from Fall 2009

In other news....Christmas was wonderful even if.....everyone was sick with a cold and/or croup...including the big people! Then I broke a crown in my mouth (1/3 of it is now gone!) while eating a pretzel. Wayne tried to one-up me by breaking his big toe while playing with the kids. It's been an action filled weekend around here I tell you!!! Now hopefully things will calm down and I can get some good cleaning and organizing done with a little bit of sewing thrown in just for fun!!!!

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