Saturday, October 30, 2010

Week in Review.....

It has been a busy week but a great week, nonetheless! Ethan had his fifth birthday so we went to a Train Museum for a visit. The kids loved the trolley ride!

And the caboose you could explore!!

Of course, opening gifts is always high on the list of fun!!!

Especially when one of the gifts is an awesome airplane!!! (I love this picture!!!)

But Ethan wasn't the only one having fun this week. The girls had a blast on this rock climbing wall!! Emily got up pretty high!

Elisabeth had fun too. They both are ready to go back already. Ethan had to wait and watch patiently since he doesn't quite weigh enough to participate yet.

Now it's time to start the frantic halloween sewing. All of the kids told me they thought they wouldn't dress up this year....and then today....that all changed! So I am just back from the fabric store and the sewing machine is just about to start humming. Can I do it? Three costumes in 24 hours? We'll see!!! Maybe I'll post on facebook as I go!

Hope your weekend is splendid!!!

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