Friday, October 15, 2010

Week in Review....

(Those huge stitches are only basting don't panic!)

Last Saturday afternoon our local Smocking Guild hosted a class with Claudia Newton. Claudia taught us how to do drawn thread work and the project was a precious little baby diaper shirt. I am about 50% complete with my embroidery at this point and I am loving it. I can't wait to finish it. I have consciously avoided drawn thread work for awhile now. Mostly because I thought it would be too fiddly and would put a major strain on my eyes. I am happy to say...I didn't find it too fiddly....but it is definitely a strain on the eyes! But I do think it is going to be well worth it!! Have you ever had the pleasure of taking a class with Claudia? She is such a wealth of knowledge and her kits are incredible...she thinks of everything!!!

While I was enjoying such a wonderful Saturday, my Elisabeth was at home developing a fever and a sore throat. That's never good.

On Monday Wayne had to travel to Virginia for most of the week. That brings me to the above picture. It probably doesn't look like much....but it's the raw ingredients for homemade cooked playdough. I surprised the kids and made some. Playdough is a staple in our house...but unfortunately we had none. So we made some. I used to make this recipe all the time when I used to teach. It is a little grainy compared to the store-bought stuff....but it is cheap and fast.

And it makes a lot so all three little ones can play and have fun....for hours!!! And that is VERY helpful when the daddy is out of town!!! I do not keep food coloring around the we had naked color added.

Unfortunately, Emily and Ethan are now sick too. And Elisabeth is still sick. Fortunately, Wayne is back home to help out and Sweet Ean is still his pleasant self...even if he doesn't like to sleep much. Hopefully this weekend everyone will get back to normal and I'll get some stitching done....we'll see!


Jeannie B. said...

Looks like a fun time at your house. I did have to look at the picture a bit before I read on. I though it was strep culture after reading about your sick child!! I used to make play dough for my kids all the time. It was much better than the purchased stuff. I put food coloring in my to make different colors.

Jan M said...

Claudia Newton is a wonderful teacher! I am so happy you enjoyed her classes, and now enjoy drawn threadwork. The first picture of playdough had me a little concerned! Hope everyone is feeling better.

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