Friday, October 01, 2010

An Outfit For Emily's Doll....

I mentioned that Emily had been hard at work on another project. I have received several emails and phone calls from sweet people wanting me to post the projects already because the suspense was getting to them. I promise I haven't been withholding pictures just because...but rather this past week has been busy and I honestly just haven't taken the time to do so. But at long is one of her recent projects.

For her birthday a few months back, Emily asked for one of these cute little dolls and a book of crochet patterns for outfits that fit the doll. We got the book with no problem but the doll was back ordered. (Emily wasn't too upset she also asked for a new violin and that was her main gift.) So she started crocheting this little outfit and had it finished in about 3 days...really! But we still did not receive the doll. Finally the company sent me an email telling me they could not get the doll in. So I found another company to order the doll from....I really should have been a researcher....I love it!!! The doll finally made its way to our house and Emily was so excited to dress it up. It is so adorable!!!

I am amazed that Emily really needs no help interpreting patterns anymore. She never asked me for help and she was increasing, decreasing, picking up stitches and the like. She really just has a way of working with yarn. Incredible!!!

So here is her sweet baby doll in her fun little outfit. She has already started working on a couple more outfits but has them on hold right now because she received a custom order that she is currently working on. I'll show you that next.....

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Kristie @ Me and My House said... she ready to teach classes yet....LOL

The girls and I could be her students!

Great job sweet Emily, I'm very proud of you!

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