Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Old Fashioned Baby Daygown Sew-A-Long.....

When Jeannie B. of the Old Fashioned Baby announced she was going to have a Daygown Sew-A-Long....and that she was encouraging people to hand sew the gown.....I knew I would have to participate. You see I can rarely pass up an opportunity to challenge myself in the sewing area. And generally speaking, I love I was ready when she began the lessons. She releases a new lesson every Friday morning and I believe she said there will be a total of 7 lessons. We have completed 2 lessons thus far and I know you won't believe it when I tell you I actually stitched the buttonholes by hand. By hand people! I had always wanted to try to do this...but never quite had the proper opportunity....until now.

I am the first to tell you my buttonholes did not turn out fantastic....but that doesn't worry or bother me. The deal is that I tried it....liked it....and will definitely do it again. There is something so relaxing and therapeutic about handwork and I have found hand stitched buttonholes are no exception.

If you would like to join in the Sew-A-Long with Jeannie B. at the Old Fashioned Baby I am sure she would be fine with that. And if you want to stitch the daygown by machine rather than hand, she is good with that too. But I must say I vote for the hand stitching and it is fun!!!


Robin Hart said...

I would love to have time to sew this one by hand... but it will be partially done by hand. Some things are prettier that way. Congrats on you doing it all by hand!

Cindy said...

Thanks Robin!!! I actually look forward to sitting down and hand stitching each week. I find it very relaxing!!

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