Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ean's White Undershirt......

I have always said that people who sew are the nicest people out there. I have met some wonderful people on-line over the past several years. And many of these people I truly consider friends. One of these friends is Erin. She is the creator of Children's Fashion Workshop and has amazing ideas for children's clothes. Not only can she sew gorgeous clothes for her four little ones (and another on the way)...but she can also draft any pattern she desires. She is incredible!!! This sweet infant bodysuit that Ean is wearing is her latest pattern. I was lucky enough to pattern test it for her and I love it.

This pattern utilizes knit fabric and since I had not sewn on knits since I made a bathing suit in high school....I was a little concerned. But with Erin's directions it was truly easy and fun! Yes, fun! I never thought I would say that about sewing knits.

I made Ean the 18 month size so he would have some room for growth. I love a baby in a white undershirt. This is also the shirt he had on underneath his fishy bubble I made him a few weeks back. It fits great and I will definitely be making more. I think this coupled with a pair of bloomers, or shorts would be a fantastic baby gift.


Auntie Pam said...

Cindy, That looks store bought-GREAT job !
I have a new great nephew due in Nov in Reno, NV & would love to make him custom onsies & T shirts with emb on them. He will be longer in the body due to his very tall dad, just like his sister.

I have 2 problems with knit onsies-
1) Don't have much luck machine embroidering current purchased onsies, partially because the are all scruched up while trying to emb. So if I could make them - emb first then sew together, might be better. Am going to use fusible cut away stabilizer, been told that works best.
2) I live in rual farming community in the desert of Southern Calif (1 hr from Yuma) & good quality baby knit & the binding are almost nonexsistent around here, just like sewing/fabric stores. Where did you get your knit, what brand & what weight, please recommend a good on-line source for both. I will go ck that out & then, if the knit is affordable & available, I go back to purchase the "infant bodysuit" pattern.
Is this single knit? What is the binding out of?
Haven't had time yet to make up your crochet socks, but I will.

Thanks - Auntie Pam @

Cindy said...

Hi Auntie Pam. Thanks for your kind words!!! I am no expert with sewing on knits...but this just came together so well.

I used a knit from my local heirloom shop. I double checked with them just now and they said it is from Martha Pullen Company. I used the same fabric for both the top and the binding...but I think they do sell ribbing too. Let me know if you have any other questions. Remember to use a ball point needle as well. I'd love to see your finished creations!!!

Erin said...

Oh, Cindy, he is so sweet. Thanks so much for the kind compliments, you really make the pattern look fabulous!

(And you alMOST make me wish I were having another boy...)


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