Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday Inspiration......

I was looking back through some pictures today and came across this little outfit for Elisabeth. I made this in early 2009. The pattern is Children's Corner Ainsley and I loved putting it together.

The back is as cute as the front.

And I remember agonizing over what to put on the front. I came up with the bullion daisy idea...and I still love it!!! I can't remember the specifics...but I am sure it would be easy to replicate.

Life has been busy around these parts the past two weeks. We've had a lot of well doctor check-ups...eye doctor, dentist, etc.

Plus it has been soooo hot that doing anything outside is not an option. I can't complain about the heat though...because I would much rather be hot than cold!

Emily had a birthday and is now 11 years old. Can you believe it? 'Cause I sure can't! The one gift she asked for was a new violin that was her size. Her old one is 5 years old now and 1/8th size. She has now graduated to a 1/2 size.

I've been sewing a little here and there....a test pattern for a friend, more Wee Care gowns, and the like. I have lots more projects planned and ready to just to find the time. I hope you all are well and I hope each of you realize how much I appreciate you stopping by to visit with me. I relish every comment you leave as well!!!

Hope your weekend is fantastic!!! Happy stitching!!!

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The dB family said...

We've been having really hot days too. Like you, I relish the heat! Happy Birthday to Emily! Enjoy!


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