Thursday, June 10, 2010


Thanks so much for all the well wishes!! They have been most appreciated. I did have the root canal on Monday morning and all went well. Then I immediately went to the regular dentist where they started prep work for a crown....all went well there too except for my two coughing fits. It seems I picked up a cold over the weekend just to keep things interesting.

I somehow have managed to work a few minutes here and there on this sweet little day gown. I only lack buttons and buttonholes and a good pressing...and it will be completed. It has been so much fun I have decided I must make another keep!

The boys have kept me entertained this week. Ethan is finding out that Ean wants to play with his toys too!!

Fortunately, Ethan far....been willing to share!! They are so stinking cute playing together. And Emily and Elisabeth have been helping me a lot this week....with cleaning and laundry. I hope to kick this cold over the next few things can get back to normal!!!

P.S., Now I know why Wayne goes to his dentist.....they give you a warm blanket and a warm neck pillow during the procedures. Then afterwards, they give you a warm lemon-scented towel to "freshen up" with and a cold bottle of water. Why, oh why have I waited this long to switch to his dentist?!? I have been missing out these past 12 years!!!


Tammy said...

So beautiful! I love it!

squeeli2 said...

I must know the name of that dentist and I sure do hope they take my insurance! LOL

The sewing room said...

Oh i hope you feel better soon,what a lovely family you have, i have six children mostly grown up now but still have two at home and eight grandchildren which i mostly sew for. I think your sewing is wonderful and wish there was somewhere over here to learn heirloom sewing you are a very clever lady, take care and get well soon hugs Pat

Jan said...

Sometimes stitching on sweet little daygowns is just the medicine and therapy we need! Can't wait to see all of it.
May the remainder of your crown procedure pass swiftly and smoothly.

The dB family said...

Ouch! I'm so glad your tooth is on the mend. Get lots of rest and you'll hopefully feel as good as new. The daygown is beautiful!! I can see why you're making another one just to keep.


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