Saturday, June 05, 2010


Toothaches are just no fun!!! Ask me how I know. You see, I was innocently eating some trail mix this past know it is supposed to be healthy and good for you! Later that day I noticed a tooth was somewhat sore. I ignored it thinking maybe a peanut had scratched my gum.....or something similar. Unfortunately it continued to hurt. Wednesday I called my dentist and they informed me the entire office was going on vacation but they could schedule me for an appointment in two weeks. Two weeks? Are you kidding me??? Please tell me you are kidding me? My sweet husband Wayne picked up the phone on Thursday morning and called his dentist. They agreed to see me that afternoon.

So I went in....and they could not find any visible problems. So they sent me directly to the endodontist. He performed the same evaluation and came to the same conclusion. Then told me to come bright and early Monday morning for a root canal. Yuck!!! Please tell me you are kidding me now! I have had root canals and they are just not fun. But I can tell you the pains shooting out of my lower right jaw are not fun either!!! I am on a steady diet of motrin right now...I sure hope it isn't recalled in a month or that kind of stuff ever happens!

Come Monday morning....if you think of me around, say 8 am central time......say a prayer for me. As soon as I leave the endodontist's office I have to go straight to the dentist's office so they can start procedures for a crown. That's quite a way to start the week, huh?

I'll be back soon, I hope!!!


Ellie Inspired said...

I'm so sorry, Cindy! I feel your pain...literally! I'm also looking at a root canal. Keep popping that motrin and I'll say a prayer for you Monday morning.

Attilio said...

oowww you poor thing....will say a postponed prayer for you now (in case monday is hectic,which it usually is and it slips my mind!)
take care becky

Nell said...

Cindy, I hope the dentist got you all fixed up this morning, and you're feeling much better!

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