Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunday Progress....

Our Sundays are usually very relaxed and a time to rest and worship after a full week. However, since this was a holiday weekend we thought we would tackle a big project that developed this past week. For the first time ever, a certain 4 year old in this house turned into a graffiti artist....and used his bedroom wall for the canvas and a ball point pen as his tool of choice. Not good.

So that certain 4 year old and his dad got to paint his room on Sunday. Of course you know the daddy did 99.9% of the work....and he did a great job!

Of course, Elisabeth did not want to be left out.

Some hours later....the room was finished and a beautiful shade of light blue. We tried the Freshaire paints to see how bad the smell was. It really wasn't too bad...but we still opened windows, kept the ceiling fan on, etc. So now the boys have a fresh new hopefully keep fresh and new. My fingers are crossed!!!

And in the meantime, while Ean napped, I worked on the baby dress. I got the front and back together at the shoulders (it is also lined) and I got the sleeves gathered and attached. I also managed to get the entredeux on to the gathered sleeve edges before I had to stop. This is pretty much how I get anything accomplished...just in little tiny increments here and there mostly during naps and bedtime for the little ones. It is coming together....and I love what I am seeing. I can't wait to get it finished!!!

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The dB family said...

I guess graffiti on the wall is worse than permanent marker on the sibling :o). At least permanent marker eventually washes off!

The gown is looking beautiful already!


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