Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Emily's Easter Dress.....

Emily completely designed her Easter dress this year. She sketched it out and picked the fabric and I drafted it and sewed it for her. It has a square-neck and is sleeveless. And it also has her favorite skirt option.....a 3-tiered skirt. She also picked out a pink ribbon to tie around her waist. I think she did a nice job.

While I was sewing it I kept calling it "pink cotton candy" because that is what it reminded me of. The fabric is all the same color even though the photo above makes it look like it is variegated. It is a nice light pink and it was the only piece of fabric (imperial broadcloth) that she found that she liked for this particular dress. I tried to talk her into letting me hand embroider something on the bodice....but she wanted it without any embellishments. Who am I to argue?

We are thankful she is continuing to feel better. We had another check up today with her doctor and he is still pleased with her progress. Thanks again for all the continued prayers!!!


Goosegirl said...

Miss Emily looks beautiful in her lovely pink dress. She did a great job designing it and you, as always, did a great job in bringing it to life. I am so glad she is well.

I pray you have a beautiful day. You are a blessing.

little dresses said...

Emily, you did a WONDERFUL job designing your dress! I love it!! Before long you and Molly will be running the show for your Mama and I! You do look a little like Mary in that picture. So pretty :)

Have a good night!


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