Sunday, March 21, 2010


I thought I'd give you an update since you all left me the sweetest comments and emails!!! I appreciated every single one of them.

Last Tuesday morning Ean woke with croup. I spent the afternoon at the pediatrician's office confirming that. He said to keep a close eye on him since he is so young it could get worse very quick. The last five nights I have held him all night long and listened to every breath he has made. He is definitely better but not 100% yet.

On Wednesday morning Emily woke up sick. Then on Thursday morning Elisabeth and Ethan woke up sick. It started as a fever and headache for the three of them....but has slowly turned into croup for all of them. Ethan has been the worst and Wayne has been holding him all night the last two nights. I am blessed I have Wayne because he is the best daddy ever! And he is sick too!

I have definitely confirmed that there is nothing a momma won't do for her family...especially when they aren't feeling well. This week I have begged them to eat popsicles, I have made pancakes in the middle of the day, and I am thinking of standing on my head to get Ethan to take some medicine for his fever. But most importantly I've realized that I adore these people and I thank God for putting us all together in this family.

Tonight I am making minestrone soup while holding Ean on my hip. He likes it when I sing and dance with him. I am trying to work in extra snuggles with each of them every chance I get. I am hoping these little ones will have no doubt about their momma's love for them, today and always!!!


Goosegirl said...

Oh Cindy, I am so sorry you have all been hit with this yucky bug. My India has been really ill with it and still is. But she managed to make it to church and sing all three services because she was doing her first big solo in "big church" today. However, she is back in bed hacking her brains out. I am praying for you all and would so appreciate prayers for my girl too. Big hugs to you mama.

Jan said...

Love that first photo of Ean. Little boys are just so very special! Hope everyone is on the mend quickly, and you don't take their place on the sick list!

Ruth said...

Oh, I hope everyone gets better soon! You're a good momma. Hugs.

little dresses said...

Oh! Kiss that sweet face for me, I hope they are all better now!


Cindy said...

You all are so sweet. Thanks so much. Just finding a thoughtful comment from each of you creates a little bright spot in my day. I am hopeful they feel better soon. I'll keep you posted.

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