Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Progress Report......

I have Ean's and Elisabeth's Easter outfits completed. Two down and two to go.

This week I've been working on Emily's dress....and unfortunately, I've been using this little gadget quite a bit. I'm thankful the fabric is forgiving and hopefully won't show all the scars. No major errors....just sewing an entire gathered tier to the wrong side of the dress. However, I will overcome, and Emily will have a dress to wear Sunday. Ethan, however, I haven't even started his outfit because I can't seem to commit to shorts and a button-down shirt or a jon-jon. Oh, how I love little boys in jon-jons.....and I know this will be the last Easter that his daddy will let me get away with putting him in one. But his legs are getting longer....and boys don't look so cute in jon-jons when their legs get too long for them. Decisions...decisions.....I must make one soon!


Goosegirl said...

Yep, me too! My seam ripper and I are fast friends lately. I have taken out so many stitches in my smocking on Ahnalin's dress that I am about ready to just finish it up, flaws and all! ACK!!! Well, I can't wait to see your pretties. I may be posting Ahnalin's dress at midnight Easter morning at this rate!

I pray you have a blessed Holy week.

The dB family said...

That little tool is my best friend!! I hope you're able to get some sleep before Easter Sunday. It usually isn't warm enough here to don the pretty Easter clothes, so I haven't been doing much sewing lately.


Jan said...

I think we are all a little more familiar with that gadget than we wish! Good luck as you complete the children's Easter garments. Happy Easter!

Michelle said...

Just found your blog! love it!

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