Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cuteness Ahead.......

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving Day!!! I know we sure did!!! And between cooking and eating I managed to make another fun little hat for Ean. I used my favorite denim and a fun gingham for the lining. Again I put quilt batting inside for extra warmth; flannel could also be used.

The ear flaps cover his ears well and I extended the coverage around the back of his neck.

I put some elastic in the back to cinch it up and provide better protection from the cold air and such. I did not tie the hat very tight it is kind of loose on him. But it does cinch up tighter as a function of the straps and the elastic. Groovy, huh?

And I thought about not putting the button on the tiptop......but I decided I had to. I mean it is just too cute with the button.

Kind of like I thought about not adding this picture because I already had so many....but I just had to. Plus in this can kind of see the fun lining again. It's those little things that make life just that much better!

So, I'm currently drafting additional sizes. I am hoping to make Ethan one next. I may be asking for testers soon. I'll keep you posted!!!


squeeli2 said...

Cuteness! That is one of my favorite ginghams. Mason had a little John-John out of it that he wore for easter when he was 1. Love it!

Cheryl M. said...

Very cute baby and very cute hat - and yes, the button is a must! :)

maria said...

Oh Cindy, he looks so adorable in his new hat ;-)

Yes, the button was required!


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