Monday, October 05, 2009

Free Patterns Are Headed To New Homes.......

Ok ladies.....we drew names tonight and here are the results:

Ruth....Children's Corner Lillian is coming your way soon!!!

Karina....Children's Corner Emily is headed your way soon!!!

If both of you would send me your addresses to sewblessed (at) mchsi (dot) com. I'll get these patterns in the mail to you.

I appreciate all the interest and as I sort out the rest of my patterns and such I'll post any more duplicates that I have. I'm also back on the wagon with my pleated skort pattern. I am making steady progress now that Ean is older. I may be contacting a few of you that previously mentioned you might be interested in testing the pattern for me. Currently I think the size range will be from 2 to 10. I'll hopefully be finishing it and wrapping it up soon!!! Thanks again!!!


Karina said...

YEA!!!!! Thank you so much, I just emailed you!

Melissa said...

Ignore my last post, I didnt look at the date :( LOL

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