Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Little Bag of Gifts.......

I have been wanting to show you all a picture of a door prize I made for our last Smocking Guild (SAGA) meeting. However, our computer decided to blow out its mother board a week or so ago, so I've not had access to the pictures I took before the meeting.

We have never given out door prizes at our meetings before....but I thought it would be fun. So I whipped up this little bag late one night using the same fabric as the dress I was going to be demonstrating. Then I put a little bit of crochet along the top edges, added a drawstring, and the bag was finished. I went to my favorite heirloom shop to find a few inexpensive items to tuck inside. I had wanted to pick up some smocking needles and floss....however, the shop was out of smocking I settled for embroidery needles and my favorite colors of floss for Wee Care gowns. I think the door prize when over pretty well. I'm hoping I can come up with something each month that somehow correlates to the night's program.


Karina said...

adorable! how is the drawsting in it?

Nell said...

This little bag is very cute! And could be used in so many ways!

Cindy said...

Thanks ladies!!

Karina...the drawstring is run through each side of the bag where the fabric is turned back in towards the bag. It's very easy. Maybe I'll try to do a bag tutorial sometime. I made the bag (minus the crochet) in a matter of minutes.

Thanks Nell...I'm sure I'll be making several more of them for various things here and there.

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