Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spring Flower....

I have been working on four projects concurrently this past week. This outfit for Elisabeth is one of them. You may wonder why I make so many outfits for Elisabeth and not as many for Emily....well, it is because Emily is to the point where she is much more selective about the items she wants me to make for her. Elisabeth is still pretty open to anything I make for her. As a result, she gets more items made for her.
On the gingham top above, I could not decide what to put on the yoke....I stitched out a few options and then made a decision. This little flower made from bullions was the final winner. I have never seen a full flower made like this and thus I had no pattern...but I really enjoy making bullions and therefore do not mind a little experimentation here and there. The outfit only lacks some buttons and then it will be completed. A quick trip to the heirloom shop tomorrow or Tuesday should rectify that. Then I'll get Elisabeth to model it for me, so I can share with you.
Until then, I'd better get back to working on the preemie bishop for the sweet baby girl of a friend of mine. She was 3 lbs. 9 oz. at birth last week. She is doing great....but I want to get her dress finished before she is released from the NICU.

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shelly said...

cute flower! I love ginghams!!!

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