Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Stain...Be Gone!!!!

Some of you may remember this sweet dress I made for Elisabeth a few months back. I used the Miss Madeline pattern by Samantha of The Handmade Dress. We love this dress. Anyway....last week my girls were playing with Silly Putty and guess what? Yes, that is managed to end up all over the front of the dress....about a four-inch circle of Silly Putty. Not attractive! I looked on-line for solutions to try. I was very apprehensive...but I went for the hand-sanitizer option. I had little to lose at this point and WD-40 seemed way too harsh. I stood at the kitchen sink and put a glob of Purell in my hand and rubbed it into the fabric and then rinsed with water. I repeated several times and amazingly it worked!! But now I was left with a stain caused by the Silly Putty. I then went to the laundry area and grabbed the stain stick we were given for free when Emily was born. (Isn't it funny the free items they give you when you give birth to your first child?) I smeared it on...and left it on the washer for a day or two. Then I washed it with the next batch of kid clothes.

And it really worked! It really, really worked!! I am amazed!!! And happy!!! And so is Elisabeth!!! The Silly Putty??? Well what remains is now 6 feet up in a kitchen may never see sunlight again!!!!

****If you ever need to remove Silly Putty from fabric please use your common sense and don't hold me accountable if something gets ruined!!!


Cheryl M. said...

Sale! Sale!
Glad you got the stain out - and have you seen this sale and free shipping on orders of $35 or more....;)

Martha said...

Too cute!!! Stop by my blog I left you something.

Deborah said...

Silly Putty is deadly stuff! Bub, once slept with it under his pillow. Not a pretty sight. I'm not sure if I ever got that stain out.

Tiff said...

Whew! I would have never guessed how to get that out! So glad you were able to get the stain out too!

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