Thursday, August 14, 2008

Questions Answered - Part II......

Continuing on....I will answer the questions that I gave as examples, if I haven't already answered them last time. Are you all enjoying this? I think it is fun to get to know people.

What did I do at Walt Disney World? Well I worked at Walt Disney World the summer after I graduated from high school. I worked as a "hostess" on the Skyway Cable Cars that traveled back and forth between Tomorrow Land and Fantasy Land. I think I have heard that this ride no longer exists. Even back in the days when I worked there...the cable car "experts" were worried because the cable was stretching at a slightly alarming rate. So it doesn't surprise me that the ride is gone. But it was a lot of fun to work there. I still remember my spiel even...."The skyway cars is a one-way trip and a one-way trip only. Therefore you will be disembarking at the Fantasy Land Skyway Station. We ask that small parties of one or two be prepared to share a ride with other small parties of one or two. This will reduce your wait time.........". And on and on it went. I actually liked that part of the job. Strange, I know.

Moving on. What's my favorite fabric to sew? That's probably pretty obvious. I prefer to sew 100% cotton fabrics. I just like the way they feel on my hands and under the needle....both machine and hand needles.

Why do I cook most everything from scratch? Well...I was mostly raised that way first. Then after I realized that red meat made me so sick I made the connection between how I felt and what I had recently consumed. But the kicker came after Emily was born. I suddenly became very sensitive to MSG. Within 10 minutes of consuming it....I had a full-blown migraine. Not fun!!! It took me awhile to identify the trigger...but once I did....I starting avoiding anything with that substance in it. Unfortunately, it is in all most everything. For example, I have to make all cream-style soups from scratch if I want to use them in casseroles. Some people think that this is the absolute worst thing that could happen to me. But I prefer to thank God...because now I know that what I eat and what I feed my family is as healthy as it gets. We eats tons of fresh fruits and vegetables. Even my three little ones eat very well. And if we want bakery-type items....I make them. And I know exactly what's in them. I like that.

Why do I rarely use a serger? I do have a serger that I purchased about 13 years ago. But unfortunately it did not come with a manual. I think maybe it had been a floor model and the manual had been lost. Because I can't imagine it not "coming" with a manual. I have searched on-line and cannot find one. So I leave the settings the exact same way the thing came and threaten anyone that might touch it. And to complicate matters more....I don't have room in my small sewing space for it is in an entirely different room. Out of sight...out of mind. I do occasionally use it....but it is rare.

Ok, one more tonight. If I did not sew, what would I do to occupy my time? Good one. Well, I would probably cook, bake, and read more. I already do all three things but they are balanced out with my sewing. I do most of my sewing when my little ones are asleep though. Who knows, if I did not sew, maybe I would sleep more. That's a novel thought.

On that note....I'm off. I'll answer the remaining questions in a day or so. If anyone has anymore feel free to drop me a note. I hope everyone is well and sewing up a storm.


Nell said...

Cindy, thanks for these questions and answers. I think it's fun to learn things about people, especially when, for the most part, the people online here will never actually meet. It makes the blogs and emails more personal.
Have a great weekend!

Karina said...

Thanks, it has been fun, gettin to know you more! Did you always know you would homeschool?

Cindy said...

Nell...thanks for your kind words. I know I enjoy learning more about others and I thought that I surely couldn't be the only one that feels that way.


HopewellMomSchool said...

Interesting, especially about red meat......

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