Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sweet Gingham Dress....Turned Inside Out.....

After my last post, Karina asked if I would show pictures of the inside of the gingham dress. I wasn't sure which part of the inside she wanted to see....so I took a quick photo of each main area. The above picture is of the dress turned inside out.

The bodice is fully lined so the back side of the embroidery is completely hidden...I like that. This picture is of the inside of the front bodice. The inside of the back bodice is identical.

I had planned to use french seams on the side seams...but then I forgot. And since the side seams only used a 1/4" seam allowance I did not have enough to work with to make mock french seams. So I turned on my serger and serged the seams to finish them.

And for the hem, I sewed it by hand. Sometimes I will work a blind hem on the machine...but I generally prefer to sew hems by hand.

Does that answer your questions Karina? If not, let me know.


Deborah said...

So pretty! I love gingham too!

I have to make a point of remembering to sew French seams -- either that or finally break down and buy a serger.

Karina said...

Very nice and yes u did:)

Cindy said...



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