Tuesday, June 03, 2008

My Newest Tool......

First off, you'll have to excuse my poor pictures. I waited until way too late in the day to snap a couple of photos.....therefore....there was flash. Sorry!!!

But anyway.....here is my newest tool. My high school sewing teacher, Mrs. Wallace, had something similar to this and I always wanted one. Only recently did I find this one in a sewing magazine. All folded up it doesn't look like much.

But if you gently pull on it....it stretches.

It is such a huge help with measuring for buttonholes. I mark with a blue water-soluble pen where I want the first buttonhole and the last buttonhole and then stretch this little gizmo to create equally spaced measurements in between. On this little dress that I am working on, I only put five buttonholes/buttons on it......so I only used the first five (counting from the left which is the top of the dress) measurements. On little baby dresses I usually put the last button about 2 inches or so up from the bottom edge. I can obviously figure the same measurements out with a ruler....but this little gadget makes it so much quicker and easier. Not to mention....fun!


E Caughron said...

Alright, do tell! Where can I get one of these???? I have always grumbled that the Australian Smocking and Embroidery patterns never give the spacing for the buttonholes of more than one size. Please share, as my birthday is on Saturday and my mom was askng for ideas....

Cindy said...

Hi Erin....it is called a "simflex" and I did a quick search and found it at several places including Nancy's Notions here:

(Hope that link works!)

Mine came from www.Homesew.com


Them seem to run around $15 to $17

Oh...and happy early birthday!!!

Karen said...

well now isn't that the coolest thing?! I've never heard of it. I can see how it would be very handy.

Blakely said...

That looks like such a great tool to have. Thanks for posting the information about it.

Cindy said...

Thanks Karen and Blakely! I sure am enjoying mine!!!

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