Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Another Giveaway - Baby Polly Pattern......

I have had crochet edging on the mind. Next week I am scheduled to teach our smocking guild all the ins and outs of crochet edging....and I'm trying to be prepared. So in keeping with my norm of always trying to be ready....I decided the other day to make another sample garment. The pattern I used was Baby Polly, designed by Paige of Pintucks and Pettiecoats. This is similar to her Polly pattern but contains smaller sizes (6 mos.-24 mos.) and cute little bloomers! And who doesn't want their little girl wearing precious little bloomers I ask??

Anyway, I sorted through my leftover fabric scraps and found enough to make this sweet pattern in the 6 mos. size. Now...I must add that I can never make a pattern the way it is written. I always seem to make a few changes and this one was no different...even though Paige is my friend. And really...I only made these changes to save myself some time.

Ok...on to the changes. 1. I did not make the tucks...I LOVE tucks...but I wanted this to be finished before my smocking guild meeting. 2. I lined the top because, well, just see #1. 3. I did not add the adorable bias loopy trim because I wanted to add this fantastic crocheted trim. My girls call it crocheted lace. Who can argue with them?

I did not even make the four bias loops for the button loops....but rather I just incorporated button loops into the crocheted trim. And then I dug through my box of mother of pearl buttons for the four smallest shank buttons I could find. Perfect!

So...all of that to say...I have another sample garment to take to the meeting next week. And...best of all....I love it!!!! And this is another example of how wonderful Paige's patterns are. I was able to change a few things about it.....and it still provides an excellent canvas for creative expression...not to mention a sweet crocheted edging! (And for anyone interested, I used 10 wt. crochet thread and a size 5 crochet hook for all the crocheted trim. I should mention the Baby Polly pattern does not contain the information for the crochet edgings.)

So I thought I would also include a couple of sample garments Paige made with the Baby Polly pattern. On the top and bloomers above she made the precious tucks and the bias loopy trim....she is so much more patient than I am!!! And she has such a great ability to coordinate colors! Don't you think?

And on this precious dress she has added the tiny little tucks at the neckline as well as at the hemline. She does such beautiful work. You could also substitute the scalloped piping for the loopy trim. Just another thought....see I told you I can always manage to change things around.

So...let's have a giveaway shall we? Paige has generously given me a Baby Polly pattern to share with one of you wonderful and loyal readers! All you have to do is leave me a comment in the comment section. Any comment will do...as long as it is friendly. If you do not have a Blogger account...then you can send me an email. My email address is located on the right side of my blog page. I will draw a name out on Wednesday evening around 9 pm. Have a great day everyone!!


lera said...

I have to say that the gingham bloomers are just too much sweetness.

I love your use of crocheted edging. I received a flannel baby blanket with crocheted edging and always adored it. To put that special touch on clothing is just wonderful.

E Caughron said...

The crocheted edging is so lovely. I will have to try that myself sometime.

- Erin

Deborah said...

I love bloomers!! I keep wondering if I can get away with them yet on my five year old.

As always you did a beautiful job! I can see why the girls call it crocheted lace. Beautiful!

Love the gingham! :-)

PS I linked to you in a post today, hopefully I did it right!

Cindy said...

Lera...thanks!!! I too love the special touch that crocheted edging brings.

Erin....Thanks!!! It really is easy. I don't even like to crochet with regular yarn...but I do enjoy using this thin thread for the edgings.

Deborah...thanks!!! I made my girls bloomers to wear under their winter jumpers last year. They actually appreciated them. I can't find the post you referred to. I'll check again later tonight.

able80224 said...

This pattern is just too cute! And as usual, you've done a beautiful job, Cindy. I really like the crocheted trim. It adds alot to the outfits.


Cheryl M. said...

I am commenting because your little outfit and the crochet edging is just so cute, BUT...DO NOT include my name in the hat!! :)

Ginny said...

What a cute pattern! Your samples are wonderful, especially the crocheted edging.

Ruth said...

Such a cute pattern, and your sample is just lovely!

Blakely said...

Those outfits are adorable.

KarenH said...


That is a PRECIOUS pattern.
I love crochet edging on little things, it is so sweet.
There are several new babies due in my circle of family and friends, surely one will be a girl.

Kay aka dkswife said...

I would just love that pattern. Lots of people around me are having babies. Oh, you did such a wonderful job on your samples.

Cindy said...

Thanks to all you lovely ladies for your kind words. I really love the look of the crochet edgings. Now..if I can get myself to working on my handouts for my meeting on this next week!!! Thanks again....your comments really make my day!!!!

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