Thursday, November 15, 2012

Halloween 2012....

Halloween has come and gone this year.  The kids gave me a few day's notice this time so I was able to finish their costumes with about 1 hour to spare.  Can you figure out who they dressed up as?

They were from The Gilligan's Island, of course, minus a few characters.  However, we did have Ginger (with long sleeves because she knew she'd be cold), Mary Ann (with a coconut cream pie, of course), Gilligan and the Skipper too!  So much fun we all had.  We visited with some of our new neighbors and also went to our old neighborhood to visit with a few of our friends there too.  Oh, how I truly miss our old neighbors!!!!  It made my night when one of our old neighbors told me she was so happy we came by because every year her whole family looked forward to see what my kids were dressing up as.  I loved that!!!!

And for those that are interested; here are the sewing details.  The Ginger dress was made from a McCall's pattern #M6098.  It only had sleeveless and short sleeve options so I just drafted it to be long sleeved.  As a side note, this dress has absolutely no shaping and I wouldn't make this as a casual dress to wear but it did work for a quick costume.

Mary Ann was made from my old favorite stand-by Miss Madeline from The Handmade Dress.  As another side note here, my dear friend Samantha just had another precious baby girl.  You can see pictures of her here.

For Gilligan, I drafted his pants and I must say he LOVES them so much he won't take them off!!!  Sometime I'll have to get closer pictures so you can see the hip pockets and the detailing I put on them.  I love them too.  I think I'm going to get some more fabric and make him some more but in navy and brown.  He even has these on as I type this.  And his hat was made from this free pattern from Oliver + S.   (Ethan asked me if people would recognize him.  I told him other kids probably wouldn't but their parents would!!!  Funny!!!)

For the Skipper, I did make him a different pair of khaki pants but since I had to wake him from his nap to leave the house he wasn't too impressed with his pants.  I also made him a "belly" pillow to give him a Skipper's belly......but again, he wasn't nearly as impressed as I was.

As for moving news, it has gone well and we are now fine tuning everything.  I'll be back soon with more updates.  I hope you all are enjoying this lovely fall!  The colors of the trees in my neck of the woods has been spectacular this year!!!!  Blessings to each of you and take some time to stitch!!!


Kellie said...

Im not much for halloween but this was just tooooo cute! Great idea and bravo on the projects! The skipper is adorable... looks like he lost a few pounds!

Cindy said...

Thanks Kellie!! I don't care for halloween myself but my kids do enjoy dressing up as historical characters or book/movie/tv show characters. I just don't allow anything scary or way too involved. They don't even care for the trick or treating part. We just enjoy stopping by and visiting with neighbors for a few minutes. Thanks for the comment! I hope to post with some regularity here soon!

Lee said...

I love your themed costumes! They look great!

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