Tuesday, June 05, 2012


I hope this greeting finds you all in good health and spirits!  It's been a bit busy around here the past month or so....as you can tell with my lack of updates/posting.  The girls had their piano recital and they both did fantastic.  They each had a solo and then a duet.....so fun for me to hear them practice together and then perform together.  Ethan is begging for piano lessons now too.  I love that!!  :o)

We had another trip to Tennessee to check on my dad's house.  We are trying to help him maintain it while he is mostly in Florida.  I know that may sound like drudgery....but it is such a pleasant treat for us to have a place to go and visit.  Plus since it is a home we can pick up groceries on the way and prepare most of our meals at home while there.  A nice little bonus.

While in TN this time we zipped by two different needlework shops.  I was so inspired that I purchased two cross-stitch charts/patterns while there.  Then I came home and headed to my favorite cross-stitch/quilting shop and picked up the required canvas and thread.  These patterns actually call for hand-dyed floss which I have never used before.  I have enjoyed it thus far as it really gives a sense of depth that you don't get with the regular DMC floss.  So far I've just stitched words...but I have another pattern that does have large areas filled in and I think it is going to yield awesome results.

And back at home, we've been having fun at the park with the little ones.  Ean has on a pair of shorts that I made him in the pic above.  I've actually made him quite a few pairs of shorts now....probably about 7 pairs.  They are addictive because they go together so quickly.  Love them.  I can't believe this sweet little boy has a birthday coming up soon!

The step-son of a local friend of mine was injured in Afghanistan last week.  I've been praying for him and his family.  He is being transferred to DC today from Germany and the family will finally be reunited with him while he heals.  I know it will be such an emotional time for them all!!!  They have been using Facebook to send out updates and it has been such a blessing to be able to keep up with what's going on.

Not much more to comment on.  We are already into the swing of summer it seems.  Actually about the only thing that changes is the weather.  We still take piano lessons and do a bit of learning even over the summer months.  I know.....I'm a mean mom sometimes!  :o)

I hope you all are taking a few minutes out of your busy-ness to stitch...it's great therapy!!!


Nell said...

It's good to hear from you again, Cindy. You've been busy! Is Ean going to be three this month? Or soon? Can't believe that much time has gone by. Have a great summer!


KarenH said...

Cindy could you tell me the name of the cross stitch pattern you are working on?

Cindy said...

Nell....Yes, Ean is going to be 3 years old! I can hardly believe it!! He is such a sweet little boy!!

KarenH...The name of the company is "4 My Boys" and the pattern says "Fear not tomorrow - God is already there." I am enjoying it!!

Judes said...

Would you consider selling me your pattern?

Cindy said...


I'm not sure which pattern you are referring to?

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