Tuesday, March 06, 2012

No Sewing Tonight....TV Watching Instead......

Some of you may remember that back in September I posted that we had actually met the Duggar family! We were at the Space and Rocket Center the same day they were. Well tonight TLC is going to show that episode. Our kids played together a bit and they did film a little so we are anxious to see if we spot any of us during the show tonight.

And about this above picture. Jim Bob told the kids to climb the stairs to get ready for the picture. I am not kidding when I say they were all in position and smiling within 10 seconds. Later on we had the chance to visit with Jim Bob and Joshua and they really are SO nice. I tell people I thought they were even nicer in person than they seem on tv....if that can even be possible!!!

In other news, I actually finished the skort I mentioned here and I'll be back soon with pictures!!!

ETA: No Johnson Family sightings on the show tonight. But that's ok it was still fun to watch!!! :o)

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