Wednesday, September 28, 2011

We are Back Home.....

Thank you for all the warm thoughts. My mother will surely be missed by many!!! For her memorial service we went to the Knoxville, TN area and met up with various family members. The service was very nice and it was great to see people I had not seen in years.

A fun part of the trip was were we stayed. We stayed in Pigeon Forge, TN at the Inn at Christmas Place. It was the first time we stayed there and it was wonderful. All of us had so much fun. We only wish we could have stayed longer!!!! Our room was even decorated like Christmas with this beautiful tree on top of the tv hutch.

This is ONE of trees from the main lobby area. The lobby also had several types of coffee available day long. I don't drink coffee but they had fresh lemonade available too. It was delicious!!! Oh, and at night they had fresh baked cookies.

This is another area that was beautiful. This is where we saw the Singing Santa one night. He played the guitar and sang....and was very talented. After the singing they had milk and cookies for everyone. They also had Christmas movies at the front desk you could check out and watch in your room. Did I mention the kids LOVED this place???

The outside was as beautiful as the inside. As we were leaving I snapped this picture of these gorgeous purple flowers. I am hopeful that someone can tell me what they are. They had hot pink geraniums mixed in with these purple flowers and the color combination was amazing!!!

The day after we got back home, the girls had a piano recital. That went very well and everyone did great. The neat part was that the recital was outside at a gazebo. The teacher had a baby grand piano delivered to the gazebo. So much fun!!! The day was clear and the music was perfect. Ean and Wayne both ended up with sunburns...but it was worth it, I think.

Then the next day, we had the opportunity to meet IN PERSON the Duggar family!!!! That was incredible!!! I'll tell more about that next time!!! I hope your week is going well.


dlogan said...

Welcome Home Cindy,

I have had you in my prayers, and I hope you are transitioning to home with wonderful memories. Glad you are back! God Bless, Darby

Ruth said...

I'm sorry to hear about your mom, Cindy. Sounds like she was a special, wonderful lady. Emily's note was precious.

KasaYeshua said...

Those purple flowers look, to me, like hibiscus. Hibiscus also grows well in our area, as well as along the NC and SC coastline. ;o)
They are lovely! What a good photo you took!

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