Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Someone got a haircut today. I would show a "before" picture but honestly I did not even take one because it was so long and crazy looking. I don't think I've trimmed it since last it was a bit long. But it's looking better now...and cuter too! But remember, I am a bit biased! Ean is my baby after all!

And this sweet boy sure loves his bananas!

I'm wrapping up some more homeschool lesson plans and then I'm back to some sewing. I can't's been way too long!

*Excuse the poor quality of my phone photos. The girls have been using my regular camera to make movies with their dolls, so I am unsure of its location.*

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Ellie Inspired said...

I hate to tell you this, Cindy, but he looks like a big boy with his new haircut!! No baby anymore!! :( I was having a mommy moment tonight too and blogging about how fast the boys are growing. Ean is still super cute with his short hair!!!

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